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Lake Catherine | Lake Mary

Situated between the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, this 4-mile trail offers stunning views of the area's alpine lakes - Lake Catherine, Lake Mary, and Lake Martha.

3.9 Miles | Out and Back | Easy

1046 ft. gain | Dog Friendly

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City, UT

Lake Martha

Lake Mary

Lake Martha

Lake Catherine

This hike features three beautiful alpine lakes, Catherine, Mary, and Martha. Lake Mary is actually a reservoir that stores water for Salt Lake City’s culinary system. The size of course depends on the amount stored and the demand but is a beautiful lake to see either way. Martha is the smallest of the three and is just above Mary. Lake Catherine is the most picturesque of the three being surrounded by peaks. It’s located at the highest point. There is a 0.6 trail (one way) that climbs the to the top of Sunset Peak near Lake Catherine that climbs 430 feet.

The trailhead can be found at Brighton or Alta and is accessible from May to October. It’s a beautiful scenic hike with beautiful views but is a very popular hike. There is fishing you can do in a couple of the lakes as well.

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