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Stewart Falls | Mount Timpanogos Wilderness

Stewart Falls is a pleasant 4-mile out and back hike in the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness area. This trail is the first portion of the full trek to the Mt. Timp peak.

4.2 Miles | Out and Back | Moderate

984 ft. gain | Dog Friendly

Sundance Mountain Resort

Sundance Mountain Resort

This is an area that is always full of different kinds of activity and is great place for year-round hiking. This area is popular because the Stewart Falls trailhead is shared with Mt. Timpanogos trailhead. This article will be able to show you what the trail looks like in the summer and winter. The trail is very green and abundant with plant life. It can get hot on the trail but it’s really satisfying ending the hike with a refreshing waterfall. When I snowshoed through the hike was very beautiful and had this beautiful mysterious look the whole time. I felt like I was inside a human snow globe. I got to see the snow roll and settle off the mountains on one side and that made my heart stop for a minute as I was watching nature doing what it does. This happened frequently but I never felt in danger but I was always looking over and listening. It’s good to be aware, nature has a way of putting you in your place and I’m totally ok with that.

Stewart Falls is a beautiful two-tier waterfall that is over 200 feet tall.

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